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"R" Style Frames


Round Rod Style Frame
The classic round rod "Banjo" frame is one of the more popular styles on the market today. They are stylish and affordable.

Our frames are in both heavy duty 1/2" round rod material and also the new economy 3/8" Round Rod material on select sizes. These frames have 3/4" wide flat strip crossbars.

The legs are mitered for easy ground insertion. These are rugged and dependable frames that are both cost effective and durable.  Special sizes and colors can be manufactured upon request.


Code Description  H X W 6-99 100+
R-24 18h x 24w   1/2"    
R-24EC 18h x 24w  3/8"    
R-242 24h x 24w   1/2"    
R-30 18h x 30w   1/2"    











"Compac" Style Frames


The ComPac frame is an economical alternative frame. Made from solid 1/2" angle side legs and step bar with 1/8x3/4 Flat cross strips. These are lightweight frames that will stand up to serious use. Panels simply bolt on to the crossbars.


Standard Sizes


Description  H X W

Bulk Pack  (100 units)


24h x 18w

Com-24 18h x 24w  
Com-242 24h x 24w