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Folding Frame - Portable Units



Portable Folding Units

3/4" Angle Iron Construction

Hinged At top

Folds Flat For Storage

Welded Carry Handle

Single Chain Attached

Panels Bolt In Securely

Packed 2pc/case

Custom Sizes Available


FF-18 FF-24 FF-242 FF-36 FF-36w
Code Description  H X W 2-99 100+
FF-18 24h x 18w Fold Frame 15.80 14.95
FF-24 18h x 24w Fold Frame 15.90 15.50
FF-242 24h x 24w Fold Frame 16.90 15.90
FF-36 36h x 24w Fold Frame 17.90 16.90
FF-36W 24h x 36w Fold Frame 18.50 17.50


Tent Frame

Portable Folding Units

Single Panel Hangs In Center

3/8" Round Rod Construction

Hinged End Caps

Folds Flat For Storage

Built-In Carry Handle


Packed 5pc/case


Will hold panel sizes:

18x24 & 24x24


Item Code: TF-24

Code Description  5-49 50+
TF-24 Tent Frame $9.50 $9.00


Deluxe Folding Frame

Ornamental scroll work on lower edge for a classic look.


Fixed hinge on side keeps unit

in open position.


Holds Panel size is 36hx24w.


Folds flat for easy storage.


Convenient carry handle.


Black Powder Coat Finish

Packed 1pc/case.


Code Description  1-24 24+
DF-36 Deluxe Folding Frame 36h x 24w $40.00 $35.00




Lite Folder


Light weight unit weighs only 5.5 lbs.

Strong all steel construction.

1/2" Angle Iron Construction.

Double hinged on top.

Panels Slide-In.

Folds Flat For Storage.

Carry Handle welded on top.

Chain attached to keep unit open.

Accepts 18x24 Panels.

Packed 4pc/case.

Code Description  1-24 24+
LF-24 Lite Folding Frame 18h x 24w $14.70 $13.90